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You are looking at a Complete seal kit for the Cornelius keg. This set  will work for both ball lock and pin lock kegs.

The seals do wear out, so they will need replacing after some time.  Included in this seal kit are the lid O-ring, 2 x generic poppet valves, 4 x dip tube seals, and 2 x Tank plug (body-connect, post-seal) O-ring .

You may also purchase the lid O-ring by itself, please see other listings!

Sometimes the rubber in the seals retain that soda smell, so you want to replace them.

The way to check for leaks is pressurize the system and put soapy water on all the seals, and if it starts to bubble up then that is where the leak is. An alternative is to pressurize the keg, then dunk it in a bath full of water. You should check the seals periodically, and even better every time you re-pressurize your keg.

Note: The lid O-ring is for the hatch-type Cornelius keg as in the picture, not the screw lid type.

The poppet valves included are generic type poppets which will fit most Cornelius ball lock type kegs.  The great thing about these poppets is that if they wear out you only need to replace the small O-ring on the poppet instead of the whole valve.  These are made to have the same dimensions as a standard cornelius/firestone keg so are a direct swap over.  These poppets also last longer as one of the problems with the original style poppet is that the shaft will not slide properly in the base causing the poppet to "stick" and leak.  With this simple design, there are no sliding parts, so less to go wrong!

  • 1 x Large O-ring for Cornelius keg lid (may be white or black depending on stock availability)
  • 2 x Compete generic poppet valves
  • 4 x Dip tube seals (you only need 2, but some people prefer to double up the seals to be extra sure)
  • 2 x Tank plug (body-connect, post) O-ring

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