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This kit comes with 2 long shank taps to fit through your fridge door.  All items are brand new apart from the kegs which are used.
The kegs included are original second hand cornelius kegs from the USA.  They were previously used by pepsi to hold their soft drink syrup.  Beware of sellers who sell brand new kegs, as they are just clone kegs that have been made in China.

The MICROMATIC regulator is top of the range, and the best you can get. This is what is used in pubs and bars.
  This quality regulator is made in Denmark, and each one has it's own identification number for traceability.

Included with this kit are:
  • 2 x Long Shank Tap
  • 1 x MICROMATIC CO2 regulator
  • 2 x 19L Cornelius Ball Lock kegs which have been pressure tested so no leaks
  • 1 X Gas 2-Way manifold splitter
  • 6 x meters of 6mm beer line
  • 1 x meter of 5mm gas line
  • 2 x Grey Pin Lock gas disconnect
  • 2 x Black Pin Lock liquid disconnect
  • 2 x Spare post seals (the keg already has 2 fitted, so these are just spares)
  • 10 x Hose locking clamps
This kit contains everything needed to get started in kegging your own beer.  Just add a Co2 cylinder (in our other listing)!

Long Shank Tap
The draft tap supplied is a high quality chromed brass tap that can either be hand held or mounted through your fridge door/ cool room as it has a 100mm shank.

Features of our draft tap:
  • 100mm shank to fit any fridge door
  • Includes barb for your beer line
  • For fridge installation, just drill a 21mm hole though the fridge door


Long Shank Tap
This is the regulator that is used in pubs and bars.  If you want top of the range, then this is it.  This quality regulator is made in Denmark, and each one has it's own identification number for traceability.

This top of the range MICROMATIC side-entry regulator has dual gauges, showing the pressure level inside the cylinder, and also the regulated pressure of the outlet.  It is very easy to install and adjust. 

Features of the PREMIUM regulator:
  • High performance
  • Accurate pressure control
  • Designed to be non-serviceable
  • Integrated pressure relief valve
  • Stainless steel valve seat
  • Zn/Ni plated brass housings
  • SK approved
  • Individually numbered for traceability
  • Easy to use


  • High capacity CO 2 flow 180 L/min peak 100 L/min continuous
  • Stable CO 2 pressure from full to empty cylinder
  • Double inlet filter (200 microns / 100 microns)
  • Venting function – easy adjustment
  • Modern production facilities
  • Single product identity (number)
  • Comply with EU Directive 97/23/EF
  • Manufacturing in accordance with ISO 9001 quality


     -body:                brass nickel plated
     -valve seat:       brass nickel plated
     -connections:    brass nickel plated or plastic
     -brackets:          Stainless steel
Inlet connections:  
     - CO 2 :              W 21.8 x 1/14
Outlet connection:      
     -outside:            1/2“ – 5/8“ – 3/4“ BSP
     -inside:              1/4“ NPT
Inlet pressure:       60 bar (CO 2 )        
Working pressure: 0-7 bar
Capacity:               100 l/min maximum
Media:                   CO 2 , N 2 and mixed gases

2-Way Gas Manifold Splitter

2-Way Manifold Splitter
Included is the 2-Way Gas Manifold Splitter. You can now control the CO2 individually to each keg without having to remove and install the disconnect each time.  A great time saver, and you won't wear out the disconnects.

These gas manifolds are rated to 100psi and include a 2 gas line outputs with 1⁄4inch ball vales. They are made complete from aluminium, brass and stainless so you know they are durable. They also include screw holes at the top for easy mounting to your gas board.

Each ball valve also includes a built in check valve to not only protect your regulator but also prevent gas or beer migrating from one keg to another.

Features of the splitters include:
  • Dual output with individual taps
  • Built in check valve in each ball valve
  • Rated to 100psi.
  • Made from aluminium, brass and stainless steel
  • Comes with 1/4" (6.35mm) barbs

2 X Cornelius Kegs
Included are 2 X used Cornelius kegs which have been pressure tested.  These kegs have been imported from the USA.

To keep the prices low, we do not clean the kegs here in Melbourne. Once you receive them, you will need to give them a good clean out (I'm sure we all do!).

All kegs sold are pressure checked. These kegs have been pressurized from overseas, then shipped to us.  Once it reaches us after a month of sailing, we check that they still hold pressure.  If they do, they PASS and we sell them.

However please note that even if they hold pressure, on some occasions some seals or poppets may need replacing to get them to work well again.  We do sell new poppets, seals, etc for these ball lock kegs.

All our kegs have a large access hatch which makes cleaning and sterilizing a breeze.

The kegs are used, so there will be some cosmetic scuffs on them, but this does not affect the performance in any way.

Kegs supplied with kits come with a pull ring type pressure relief valve.

Our kegs may come to you pressurized so make sure you release the pressure before removing the lid.

Beer/gas line (6m of 6mm beer line, 1m of 5mm gas line)

Beer Line

We include 6 meters of 6mm beer line, and 1m of 5mm gas line.
This Australian made gas/beer line is a clear thick walled food grade tubing.  The wall thickness is 1.5mm so will hold the temperature very well.  Our line is food grade, so it is ok to use with beverages. Beware of other sellers selling Chinese/overseas-made PVC line for fish tanks, beverage etc as this is not food grade.  Other sellers only give 50cm of beer line, this is not enough, as you do need the extra length.

2 pairs of Disconnects, 10 X clamps and spare post seals

Disconnects 7 Clamps
The beer and gas disconnects are made from high quality durable plastic, and have stainless steel barbs on them.  The design allows them to be installed and disconnect in seconds, using just one hand. 

We also include 2 x post seals, as spares.  The keg already has 2 fitted, so put these away for future use.

Plus 10 X stainless steel "stepless" locking clamps to secure the beer/gas line to the barbs. These stainless clamps are the best for securing your beer and gas line to barbs/nipples. Unlike other hose clamps the secure the line in a complete and exact circle. Hence the name “stepless” clamps. The clamps can be secured with a special crimping tool, however normal wire cutters work just as well.

Ensure that you only use the best equipment for your home brewing!!

Please feel free to ask any questions!

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