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You are buying a brand new in-line shut off valve.  Now you can shut off your gas single handedly with a simple twist of the valve.

Suitable for beer or aquariums.  Most regulators do not have a shut off valve, so you either leave the setup pressurized or turn off the gas at the cylinder.  With this gas shut off valve, you can keep the cylinder hidden, and put this valve in-line anywhere which is convenient. 

Another advantage is that the gauges on the regulator will still remaining at operating pressures when you shut off using this shut off valve.  You also save all the CO2 in the lines between the valve and the cylinder every time you shut off the gas.  No more turning off the regulator losing your settings, or hassle with closing the valve on top of the cylinder.

This is a must for the serious home brewer!!!

Note:  This check-valve is fitted with 6mm barbs, so people who use thick walled 4mm air line may have problems fitting it.   4mm standard airline can be persuaded on, but the best way is to get 5mm gas line (which we also sell), and then use a straight coupler to connect to your 4mm.  5mm line and 6mm will fit on the barbs without a problem.

Features include:

  • Commercial grade brass body, not cheap plastic body.
  • 6mm brass barbs
  • Made in italy

Ensure that you only use the best equipment for your home brewing or aquariums!!

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