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The CARBONATOR CAP is a patented ball lock fitting that screws onto the top of  plastic PET bottles and the brown plastic beer bottles.

The CARBONATOR CAP can be used to inject or maintain CO2 in any beverage.  Carbonate beer, soda, juice power drinks, mixed drinks and even plain water!
The uses are only limited to your imagination!

These are made in the USA.

Directions for preserving a carbonated beverage:

  • Fill clean plastic soda bottle with CHILLED beverage
  • Do not splash liquid and try not to aerate (e.g. for brewers use a ling plastic hose so the bottle is filled from the bottom)
  • Leave approximately 8cm of airspace at the top of the neck
  • Attatch the CARBONATOR CAP to teh plastic bottle
  • Depress valve on the CARBONATOR and squeeze the bottle until all thr air is purged and liquid starts to come out
  • Attatch CO2 disconnect and inject CO2 into the bottle (do not exceed 40psi or the bottle may KABOOM!)
  • Remove connector, and the carbonator cap automatically seals holding the pressurized CO2 in the bottle!
Directions for carbonating a still beverage:
  • First follow the directions above
  • Then shake vigorously
  • Repeat the above procedure until desired carbonation is achieved or until the plastic bottle stays "hard"
  • Chill overnight
  • Refrigeration may "soften" the bottle, in this case just repeat the above steps
  • 20-30 PSI achieves the best results
I also sell the CARBONATOR CAP in other quantities (see other listings):
1 x CARBONATOR CAP for $12
5 x CARBONATOR CAPS for $45 

Ensure that you only use the best equipment!!!

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