1/4" (6.35mm) check valve


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1/4" (6.35mm) Push On check valve.

Suitable for beer or aquariums.  Most regulators do not have an anti-backflow valve built into them, so there is a chance that your beer/water can flow in reverse into the regulator causing irreparable damage.  This is a cheap form of insurance that will save your regulator in the case that back-flow does occur.  This check-valve is designed to be fitted in-line between the regulator and your equipment.  It will work with both liquids (non-corrosive) and gas.

This valve will only let the gas flow in one direction, and if the flow was to reverse, it immediately shuts preventing backflow.

For aquariums running solenoids, a check-valve is a must, as once the solenoid shuts, the reduction in pressure in the lines actually sucks the water back into the regulator.  You MUST have a check valve when using a solenoid.

These fittings suit liquid, air and gas applications. They are strong, leak proof and reliable and best of all they are so quick and easy to fit and install.  It takes seconds to connect, and seconds to disconnect!

Suitable for use with flexible, copper or stainless steel pipe. 

Please click the following for matching 1/4" tubing:  1/4" Nylon Tubing

Includes 2 X blue locking clip so you cannot accidentally disconnect this fitting.

Suitable for 1/4" OD (outer diameter tubing)


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