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This is a genuine POSI-POUR dispenser made in the USA.  Be careful of copy brands being sold, the ball bearing dispensing system is patented by POSI-POUR, and other copies do not accurately dispense 30ml.

Just like in the bars and pubs!!!!

Features include:
  • Ball bearing system, just invert the bottle and 30ml is released
  • Each shot dispenses 1oz/3cl/30ml
  • Ideal for liquor, syrups and cooking oil
  • Angled spout increases control and reduces spillage
  • Compatible with a wide range of spirit bottles with a bottle opening internal diameter of 19-22mm.
  • Genuine POSI-POUR brand
  • Available in Smoke, Red, Blue and Green colours

Instructions for use:
Place the Posi-Pour dispenser firmly on the bottle and "prime" the unit.  To prime, simply hold your finder over the end of the pouring spout and tip the bottle to a 45 degree angle.  (This is done to wet the inside of the chamber.)

In using the Posi-Pour dispenser, the bottle must be raised to a 45 degree angle for it to function properly.  Do not "whip" the bottle, and do not "baby" it to the 45 degree angle.

Wash in lukewarm water only.  Do not wash in dishwasher or extremely hot water.
If the find flatten, just hold under hot water for 30 seconds, then under cold water.  The fins will return to normal.

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